Seminar on “Mechanism Design using AutoCAD”

Posted on May 7th, 2019 @ 10:47am

A seminar was conducted on “Mechanism Design using AutoCAD” for the 4th semester students of degree Mechanical Engineering Department on Dt. 25-04-2019. As a part of the subject Kinematics of Machines, the students has to analyse different mechanism. AutoCAD being a very powerful tool, can be used to design and analyse the mechanism. The seminar was arranged keeping this objective in mind. It was under the Product Design Organization. Students learnt different tools using which one can create mechanism within AutoCAD. The seminar was taken by Dr. Chetankumar Patel who is Associate Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department. After the end of the seminar, students could learn, how to draw mechanism and how to analyse it. The seminar was in liaison with Institution of Engineers.