Bachelor of Computer Apppcation (BCA)

Use of information sharing and data communication has become essential needs of everyone’s pfe. Every company wants to hire IT experts who can take advantage of these emerging technologies, for solving some real pfe problems. In BCA undergraduate course, students can learn and explore latest updates of computer industry related to apppcation development. BCA program is the first step for computer professionals seeking the growth in IT field.

By pursuing BCA program, one can develop logical skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills as well as communication skills. BCA provides a golden opportunity to students of general stream also to work at the level of an Engineering Graduate.

After successful completion of the BCA course, doors of all the emerging fields of computer industries pke Software Programmer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Server Administrator, Apppcation Developer, Website Developer and Educational Expert are open for the candidate.

Program Outcomes

PO1: An ability to apply the fundamental knowledge of computer science and applications.

PO2: An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.

PO3: An ability to design computer applications to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic and ethical.

PO4: An ability of life-long learning.

PO5: An ability to apply soft skills in their professional career.

PO6: An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern computer application tools for software development.

PO7: An ability to design and implement by evaluating a computer-based system or program to meet desired needs.

PO8: An ability to apply design and development principles of mathematical foundations and computer science theory in the construction of software systems of lower level complexity.

PO9: An ability to analyze a problem by identifying and defining the computing requirements, appropriate to its solution.

PO10: An ability to be a successful entrepreneur and a leader.