Texas Instruments Drishti Online Contest 2019

Posted on August 20th, 2019 @ 06:12pm

Texas Instruments, global semiconductor company operating in 35 countries, arrange contest every year to spread the technical awareness and enhance the practical, analytical and simulation skills. Texas Instruments arranged Drishti Online Contest 2019 at RK University, School of Engineering on 19th March 2019. Total 45 students registered from B. Tech. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and 40 students appeared for TI Drishti Online Contest 2019. Out of 40 students, 28 students appeared for Analog module, 15 students appeared for MSP430 module and 3 students appeared for both the modules. Sahil Sondarava from 6th Computer Engineering stood first and Bishal Chaudhary from 6th Electrical Engineering secured second in this contest. In addition, 27 students scored well and they will get the e certificate for this contest participation.

Dr. Arjav Bavarva, coordinator, has successfully conducted the contest and appreciated by memento given by Texas Instruments. Furthermore, Department also received two MSP430 MCU TI Launchpads on 7th May, 2019. This event was guided by Dr. Nilesh Kalani, Bharat Asodariya and Ashwin Raiyani.