One day workshop on R Programming

Posted on November 26th, 2019 @ 06:53pm

School of Engineering, RK University organized One day workshop on R Programming on 9th November 2019. Being a remote center of IIT Bombay, The said workshop was organized in association with IIT Bombay. R is one of the most preferred open-source languages for analytics and data science. The cross-platform compatibility of R and its capacity to handle large and complex data sets makes it an ideal tool for academicians to analyze data in their labs. R can be used for simple calculations, matrix calculations, differential equations, optimization, statistical analysis, plotting graphs, etc. Also, it is useful for anybody who wishes to undertake extensive statistical computations and data visualization.

The workshop was designed for Teachers/Faculties. Teachers/Faculties who undergo this training will be able to conduct R workshops for their students and faculties as well. Topics covered in the R workshop like Working with directories, indexing and slicing data frames, merging and importing data, plotting various charts, data manipulations using package, etc. A total of 27 faculties took registered for the workshop.