An expert talk on “Importance of Indian Standers (ISI) and Energy Efficiency (Star Rating) in Industry” was organized by the Mechanical Engineering Department

Posted on February 6th, 2020 @ 10:52am

Department of Mechanical Engineering, RK University has arranged an expert talk by Mr. Anand Savaliya on

“Importance of Indian Standards (ISI) and Energy Efficiency (Star Rating) in Industry” on 29th

January 2020. In this session more than a hundred students of Mechanical, Agriculture, and Electrical

Engineering students were present. Role of Indian standards in the improvement of energy efficiency

of pumps and fans, Structure of BIS, Processes to formulate Indian Standards Regulations,

comparison of Indian Standards and International Standards and carrier guidance in the related domain, etc. topics were covered in this session. The session was last for two and a half hours and at last, Students

had Q/A session with an expert.

Mr. Anand Savaliya, M.Tech. Mechanical (IITB), Founder and CEO, Kavyam Energy Pvt. Ltd.

was invited as an expert. He had worked as professor and principal in engineering colleges, and

General Manager in industries. Mr. Anand Savaliya is active as technical director of Rajkot

Engineering Testing and Research Lab, technical director of Shining Tools Ltd. Rajkot, managing

partner at Avalanche Technologies Rajkot, and board member if Burro of Indian standers (BIS).