Industrial Visit at Jolly Spinning Mill Pvt Ltd

Posted on January 24th, 2019 @ 03:22pm

An industrial visit at Jolly spinning mill Pvt. Ltd. was conducted on 20thApril, 2018. Students of Electrical engineering semester 4th and 6th from School of Engineering along with faculty members Prof. Mayur Vaghela and Prof. Mayuresh Dave visited the industry. The industry is situated at Thangadh road, near Chotila, Dist. Surendranagar. The industry deals with manufacturing of cotton yarns. The industry has approximately 250 employees. Jolly spinning mills is a leader in the field of manufacturing cotton yarn from row cotton received from farmers to exportable product. Students learnt practical aspects of using various types of motors and air compressors for different applications. The supply system including transformers, capacitor banks and protective gears like relays and circuit breakers were demonstrated at the supply station for the plants.