PSO 1: To prepare students with a collective set of skills that will congruence them to cultivate their professional careers in the field of computer science and applications.

PSO 2: To equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential to empower them to understand the design of basic computer applications.

PSO 3: To empower students to accomplish the modern skills and shape their carrier based on continuous learning and adaptability

PSO 4: To develop the practices to work ethically with the basic applications in web-based technologies and also to acquire the ability to develop and maintain software.


Department offers a syllabus that helps the students to build and shape a bright career. The program contains the courses which cover the latest trends and developments in the Computer Science Field.

The Core Courses offered in the program are C/C++ programming, Relational Database Management System, Operating System, Windows and Web Application Development using .NET Technology, Core and Advance Java Programming, Web based application development using PHP, Mobile Application Development using Android, Operating System, Communication Skills, Maths etc.