PSO 1: Graduates shall have an ability to work independently in corporate field by applying knowledge of engineering mathematics, mechanics, Design and theory of machines, manufacturing processes, materials technology, thermal engineering and fluid mechanics for the solution of problems in the field of mechanical engineering.

PSO 2: Graduates shall have an ability to develop good leadership and team working capacity, entrepreneurship skills, sound decision making, profound communication and high ethics and moral values to support the society and nation.

PSO 3: Graduates shall have an ability to work upon creative and innovative solutions for designing, developing and maintaining world class products/services within and out of the domain of Mechanical engineering

PSO 4: Graduates shall have an capability to accept the change and new challenges with lifelong learning.


The Department of Mechanical engineering offers curriculum fulfilling the requirements of accreditation body like AICTE & UGC encompassing the courses in Humanities, Science, Engineering & Management.