PSO 1: Graduates shall have an ability of critical thinking based on in-depth knowledge in structural engineering to obtain optimal solutions to the complex engineering problems.

PSO 2: Graduates shall pursue research in collaborative multidisciplinary area using appropriate research methodologies and advanced tools.

PSOs 3: Graduate shall have an ability to apply, design, develop and execute projects in the construction of various Civil Engineering disciplines.

PSOs 4: Graduate shall be aware of the emerging technologies, equip themselves with current techniques, tools and utilize the same to solve issues in the professional field.


MTech program is of two years duration. First year is dedicated to course work and second year is dedicated for dissertation. The core courses offered in the program are research methodology, matrix method of structural analysis, advanced design of concrete structures, design of pre-stressed concrete, structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, finite element method, advanced design of steel structures. A set of elective courses are offered to give in depth exposure in selected areas. During dissertation, students are expected to identify research problem and solve it. At the end, a thesis documenting research work is to be submitted.