PSO 1: Graduates shall have an ability to select and apply knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of the discipline of Construction Technologies.

PSO 2: Graduates shall have an ability to appraise emerging applications in Construction Technology and address sustainability issues that requires the use of principles, procedures or methodologies.

PSO 3: Graduates shall have an ability to conduct standard tests and measurements, analyse and interpret experiments and improve processes.

PSO 4: Graduates shall have an ability to design building systems, components, or processes in the broad area of Construction Technology with regards to program objectives and apply the same in the professional filed.


MTech program is of two years duration. First year is dedicated to course work and second year is dedicated for dissertation. The core courses offered in the program are research methodology, Safety Practices in Construction, Advanced Construction Materials, Construction Equipment and Methods, Advanced Concrete Technology, Repairs & Rehabilitation of Structures, Construction Planning and Control. A set of elective courses are offered to give in depth exposure in selected areas. During dissertation, students are expected to identify research problem and solve it. At the end, a thesis documenting research work is to be submitted.